Herschel Walker’s exes celebrate loss by ‘manipulative idiot’ in Georgia runoff
Herschel Walker / U.S. Air Force photo by Ken Wright

Herschel Walker's former partners expressed relief at his loss to Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia's runoff election for U.S. Senate.

Women who had romantic relationships with the former NFL star went public during the campaign to reveal their stories of secret children, abortions and abuse are pleased that Georgia voters rejected his bid to serve as their senator, reported The Daily Beast.

“Finally, this violent liar, cheater, adulterer, abuser and deranged, manipulative idiot has been defeated,” said one woman, who had a two-year affair with Walker in the 1990s and then a decade later. “As a victim of this disgusting liar, I finally feel relieved, vindicated, and not alone.”

Five women spoke to The Daily Beast about their history with Walker, including Cheryl Parsa, who had a five-year relationship with him in the 2000s and accused him of habitual lying and infidelity, and says he once violently attacked her.

“I am extremely proud of the outcome of this runoff,” Parsa said. “The great people of Georgia deserve better representation in the Senate than Herschel Walker, and today they have chosen better."

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Although Walker cultivated an image as a deeply religious father who opposed abortion and absentee fathers, a woman told The Daily Beast in June that he had fathered a secret son out of wedlock, hadn't seen that boy since 2016, and played no active role in his life. Two days later, the website reported that he had a second secret son with another woman. He then confirmed that he had an adult daughter whom he hadn't previously acknowledged.

“Georgia made their choice today. Herschel will not be their voice. Your votes matter. Your voice matters. When we as a country demand more of our leaders, we will be heard! ” said the woman who revealed the first secret son.

In October, that same woman told The Daily Beast that Walker had paid for her to have an abortion three years before their son was born and that she had a receipt and other documentation to prove it. The women who spoke out were gratified that voters seem to have listened to them.

“Having Herschel Walker lose this very important Senate race tonight not only vindicates that democracy has won but the women that he betrayed, have won," said one woman who had a relationship with Walker in 2006. “The truth has won and I hope Herschel finds a way to start telling the truth. However, I highly doubt he knows what the truth is anymore.”