High school student 'accidentally' broadcast racist comments during basketball game
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A high school student in Oregon is hot water and a school district is investigating after racist comments were broadcasted during a Umatilla High School basketball game on January 20, NBC News reports.

The Umatilla School District found that a student was playing with a microphone thinking it was turned off when he made the racist comments.

"The student made the remarks while believing to be 'joking' with friends; however, there is nothing funny about racially hateful statements," said the USD press release. "Whether intentionally broadcast or not, words have impact and the District is taking this situation seriously."

"The statements were appalling, and we denounce them..." said the district's initial social media post about the incident. "Hate has no place at Umatilla High School. We, as a school community, stand for respect and inclusion, a place where all are free to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. Following the investigation, we will move forward to address this act and ensure that all people are accepted and treated with respect in our schools."

USD says it is privately handling the matter with the student, who is a minor.

"There is a trend in society, music, social media, and sadly, in our schools, of students believing it is ok to call each other names or use racial terms in a joking manner," said the press release. "Disparaging remarks are never ok, and they're certainly not ok in schools... All students should feel safe and welcomed in schools and words play a large role in creating such an environment, whether they're between friends, or on the airwaves."

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