Kansas college president slammed for 'insane' comparison of Black student athlete to Hitler
Highland Community College

The president of a community college in Highland, Kansas is being called out by the editorial board of the Kansas City Star for what the editors describe as an "insane" comparison of a Black student athlete to Adolf Hitler.

In an editorial published on Tuesday, the Star demanded the resignation of Highland Community College President Deborah Fox after leaked audio revealed that she compared a Black football player to Hitler as he complained about alleged harassment of other Black athletes at the school.

Apparently, Fox thought he was being too angry about the issue, which is when she leveled the Hitler comparison.

“You know leadership,” Fox said. “There’s certain people that emerge as leaders, good or bad. Even though we don’t like it, Hitler was a great leader. He, somehow, even for evil, moved and were able to do these things. It’s terrifying. But that’s what can happen when leadership isn’t acknowledged and goes untapped or undirected."

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In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Fox said she was "sickened" to see that the audio of her conversation with students leaked, and claimed that her remarks were being taken out of context. In a letter to students, Fox said she was "speaking on our responsibility as educators to direct leaders in a positive way.“

The editors of the Star, however, were not buying this claim.

"You compared a student you think of as a bad influence to the genocidal maniac who tried to exterminate all Jews, Roma and gay people, and the problem is that someone shared the recording?" they asked incredulously.

Read the whole editorial here.

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