Convicted fraud felon advising Wisconsin Republicans on election 'audit' of Trump's loss
Donald Trump touts Trump Wine and Trump Steaks

Wisconsin Republicans have tapped a felon convicted of fraud to look into Donald Trump's claims of election fraud in that state.

Peter Bernegger, who was convicted in 2009 on bank fraud and mail fraud for deceiving investors in two startup companies, had been looking to election conspiracies on his own before Assembly Republicans decided to give him a platform Wednesday to describe what he found, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Bernegger, the grandson of the founder of Hillshire Farms sausages, declined to comment on his testimony, which comes as GOP legislators are spending more than $670,000 in taxpayer funds to conduct an election audit to prove Trump's claims, but Democrats spoke out against his involvement.

“Hearing from Peter Bernegger will only further confirm what we have known about the so-called experts that Republicans keep bringing in: we can’t trust them," said Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Belot). "The only expertise Mr. Bernegger has is in being convicted of fraud. He is the last person I would trust to do anything with Wisconsin’s elections."