FBI raids home of Netflix actor who was spotted inside the Capitol on Jan. 6
Image via YouTube

An actor who has appeared in the Netflix series "Ratched" as well as in videos for conservative PragerU had his home raided by FBI agents last week possibly related to his appearance at the Jan 6th Capitol insurrection, reports the Mercury News.

The home of Siaka Massaquoi -- who was filmed inside the halls of Congress during the riot -- was the site of the early morning raid, with the report stating no arrests were made.

According to the report, no reason was given for the raid conducted with a sealed warrant.

According to Mercury News, "Massaquoi can be seen in a video posted the day of the Capitol attack by Tim Gionet, a far-right activist arrested after he was seen lounging in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office. The video shows Massaquoi just inside a door to the Capitol with his phone out, recording the crowd of rioters facing off with a line of police in riot gear."

For his part, the California-based actor said he was not inside the building -- despite the footage -- with the report noting he went on Instagram immediately after the riot and told followers, "I did nothing wrong on the 6th. They can paint something as wrong, but I did nothing violent."

A friend of Massaquoi's who was present during the raid explained that FBI agents told them they were being scrutinized for associating with members of a social media group, the report notes.

The Mercury News also reports, "His [Massaquoi's] Instagram account shows he took part in an anti-vaccine rally near the entrance to the COVID-19 vaccination site at Dodgers Stadium in Chavez Ravine on Jan. 30. The protest led the Los Angeles Fire Department to briefly close the gates at the stadium entrance, but LAPD Chief Michel Moore said no one waiting in line was delayed for their vaccination appointments."

You can see video of Massaquoi attacking the media over how he is portrayed below:

Stories of Us by @prageru featuring Siaka Massaquoi youtu.be