'The threat of domestic violent extremists is a very great one,' Homeland Security warns
US Capitol from behind a newly installed security fence (AFP)

The Department of Homeland Security is warning that the Jan. 6 anniversary could be a violent one. In a statement Tuesday, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the department is operating under a "heightened level of vigilance,"

Calling it a "heightened level of threat," CNN.com quoted Mayorkas' warning, "The threat of domestic violent extremists is a very great one."

In the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, many supporters of President Donald Trump have shifted to threatening local officials like those handling elections and local Republican Parties, ProPublic reported. They've also adopted more of a culture war approach to far-right ideology, fighting a war against teaching slavery, civil rights, equality or the women's movement in schools.

"Unlike before January 6, there is a well-coordinated and cohesive effort," involving Homeland Security, FBI, state and local law enforcement in Washington and outside, an official told CNN.com.

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Last week, a threat assessment warned that there aren't specific threats but they're anticipating "lone offenders" as the most likely attackers on Thursday.

"Additionally, China, Iran and Russia have amplified content regarding the Capitol breach or the upcoming anniversary and continue to spread narratives about U.S. election fraud, according to the intelligence assessment," the report also reported. "Some Russian news media outlets have amplified content about upcoming events by the current and former Presidents for the anniversary."

Read the full comments from Mayorkas at CNN.com.