Federal agents raid home of high-ranking Homeland Security official

Federal law enforcement has raided the home of a high-ranking Homeland Security official who is a 26-year veteran with the department.

According to The Detroit News, Vance Callender, who monitors Michigan and Ohio, handles the Canadian border along with other crimes involving child sex crimes and immigration laws. He hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing but it's certainly prompting questions from the security community.

“As public servants working for a law enforcement agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) takes allegations of misconduct very seriously," the Homeland Security spokeswoman said. "Any allegations of misconduct are appropriately investigated, and any employee, regardless of rank or seniority, who has committed provable misconduct, will be held accountable. Where necessary, ICE works with federal and/or state and local law enforcement who may investigate such allegations. Per agency protocol, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) will also review the allegations.”

Those who watched the situation unfold said that the investigators left Callender's home with the same suitcases they came with and no additional evidence in boxes or bags being carried out. They also weren't wearing jackets showing which department they were working under as is done by ICE or the FBI.

When contacted, the FBI wouldn't confirm or deny whether they were involved in the search. There is an internal affairs staff for the Inspector General of Homeland Security that would look into accusations against employees.

"The search makes me think the investigation is fairly far along," said criminal defense lawyer Keith Corbett. "You don’t just get a search warrant. You have to establish a crime was committed, that there is evidence of the crime and probable cause to believe evidence is at the location you are seeking to search."

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