‘Outrageous’: Video indicates ‘arrogant’ cops fled the scene after devastating crash
Screenshot via HawaiiNewsNow

A local news outlet in Hawaii has obtained surveillance video that shows police officers chasing a white Honda moments before a crash that paralyzed a driver and a 15-year-old passenger. The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has opened criminal and administrative investigations into the crash.

HawaiiNewsNow reports that video from the Makaha Surfside condos shows an unmarked, black police SUV and other police vehicles pursuing the Honda.

"It's pretty outrageous," said Eric Seitz, attorney for the family of 15-year-old Dayten Gouveia, who suffered severe spinal injuries from the crash.

Witness Anthony Charles said that "one of the police vehicles clipped the sedan, sending it flying through the air. The Honda went airborne, crashing through fence posts, trees and skimming over a rock wall."

Police then drove away, he said.

"I was tripping out, like wow, you guys never even stopped to render aid," Charles added.

Minutes after the crash, the video shows the three police cars driving back down Farrington Highway in the opposite direction of where the crash took place. According to witnesses, the officers later returned to the scene and asked what happened.

"These guys are so arrogant and so dangerous that they felt they could come back with impunity and show up at the scene," said Seitz.

HPD said the officers have been suspended amid the investigations.

"I do not understand why at this time they have not already been prosecuted for the damage they caused," said Seitz.

Watch the video over at HawaiiNewsNow.