Proud Boys erupt at ‘Proud Girls’ co-founder: ‘Want to support us? Get married, have babies’
A group of Proud Boys (Screen cap).

A former mixed martial arts fighter has decided to found a far-right gang called the "Proud Girls" -- and the far-right Proud Boys gang is not happy about it.

The Daily Beast reports that Tara LaRosa's effort to found her own "Proud Girls" chapter was met with scorn and derision on the Proud Boys' official Telegram channel earlier this month.

"Don't ride our coattails," wrote one upset Proud Boy of LaRosa's initiative. "Want to support us? Get married, have babies, and take care of your family."

A meme posted in the Oklahoma Proud Boys channel, meanwhile, made similarly sexist comments about LaRosa's fledgling group.

"This is a men's club," the meme said. "If you're not in a relationship with a Proud Boy, at worst, you're a groupie."

Another meme being passed around on Proud Boys channels bluntly states, "If you are a Proud Boy and you are involved in supporting Proud Girls you are fake and gay."

But LaRosa, who literally once made a living beating people up, fired back by declaring she was "tougher than 99% of you alleged men," whom she described as "little crybaby Pecker Boys."