'Screaming' hotel manager accused of kicking out grandmother and her granddaughter over 3-star review

A hotel manager kicked a Georgia grandmother and her 6-year-old granddaughter out of their room in the middle of the night after she rated the hotel three out of five stars on Hotels.com, NBC11 reports.

"The man is screaming at me. He was saying, 'You get out now. I call the police,'" Susan Leger, 63, said. "My granddaughter's like clinging to my leg and crying so hard. This was scary. This was just horrifying."

The hotel manager, Danny Vyas, called 911 after Leger gave the three-star rating and listed some complaints, writing, "Rundown. Pool's not open. Toilet doesn't flush well."

Sure enough the police later showed up and told Leger that she and her granddaughter had to leave.

"'They can truly kick me out for giving a review of three out of five?' And [the officer] says, 'Yes, ma'am. It's within the law,'" Leger said.

According to NBC11, the officer helped Leger and her granddaughter find another hotel, but the two had to walk down the street in their pajamas to get there.

According to Vyas, a bad review wasn't the sole reason he forced Leger to leave.

"We let her know lots of times to stop calling us. If you're not happy, change the room or leave the place," he said. "They called me at least 10, 11 times in maybe one hour… Everything is not right."

Despite being promised a refund, Leger said she didn't receive any money for months. Hotels.com told her refunds are not allowed, even though she was kicked out. "They couldn't give me a refund, but they offered me some coupon towards a future thing. It's like, 'Forget it,'" Leger said.

After being contacted by NBC11, Hotels.com gave Leger a full refund.

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