GOP probes 'seem to be flopping' as voters see them as 'revenge': analysis
Congressman Jim Jordan during the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Republicans vowed to launch a flurry of investigations into the Biden administration upon retaking control of the House of Representatives, but Vox's Christian Paz argues that these probes all "seem to be flopping" so far.

Specifically, Paz argues that Republicans made a significant strategic error by not concentrating on hearings of issues that polls show matter to voters, such as the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan or the origins of the coronavirus.

Instead, the House GOP led off with hearings about conservatives' tweets supposedly being suppressed, which he writes "may only truly resonate with the most partisan, internet-pilled Republican voters."

"There was kind of this broad perception that it was seen as being like a revenge list or a tit-for-tat, or a ‘get even’ list, and that it wasn’t really particularly focused on... the priorities that people want Congress to focus on," Navigator Research chief pollster Bryan Bennett tells Paz.

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Paz notes that even some conservatives are getting restless watching Republicans so far whiffing in their efforts to produce bombshell congressional hearings.

"I haven’t seen a single guy sweating under the bright lights,” Fox News host Jesse Watters complained earlier this month. “Are we gonna drill down on anything? Are we going to see anybody squirm and cough up the truth or at least plead the Fifth or something, so that we can start showering these goons with subpoenas? Where are the bombshells? Have the investigations even started?”