A disturbing number of House Republicans still are not vaccinated
Kevin McCarthy speaks at House press conference (screen grab)

The number of vaccinated House representatives has seemingly topped out, with more than half of Republicans refusing to disclose their status.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed 75 percent of his party's members had been vaccinated in early March and called for the House to return to its pre-pandemic voting and committee rules, but several months later there's been no change in vaccination rates, according to the Washington Post's Paul Kane.

All 219 House Democrats told CNN they had been vaccinated, while only 95 of 211 GOP members will say whether they had been.

So, according to Kane, if vaccination rates had not risen high enough for the Democratic majority to lift pandemic safety rules, that's due to the Republican minority's refusal.

Polls have consistently shown a partisan divide in willingness to be vaccinated, with 41 percent of Republicans in one recent survey who don't plan to get the shots, compared with 4 percent of Democrats who say the same.