Jan. 6 panel struggling to keep up with avalanche of evidence after beating Trump and allies in court
Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump stand together during the Republican National Convention. (Shutterstock)

The House select committee has been on a winning streak, but now the congressional investigators face a new problem.

The panel has recently scored court victories against Donald Trump and some of his key allies, which has shaken loose so many documents and witness interviews that House investigators are struggling to digest all the new evidence and present their findings in a clear and compelling way to the public, reported Politico.

“We're talking to so many people,” House General Counsel Doug Letter said in federal court on Friday. "So many witnesses are providing material and providing information. So many times we find, ‘Oh, we just got the information we needed from somebody else.’"

The committee remains committed to showing Americans how close the nation came to an authoritarian takeover by the twice-impeached one-term president and then proposing policies to prevent future threats, and their new findings have only strengthened that resolve.

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“We want the public to understand just how close we came to a very different result and that democracy was in danger,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), one of seven Democrats on the committee.

Lawmakers are hoping to whittle the mountain of evidence down to something that can be clearly seen and understood, rather than presenting a "900-page report" that can be filed away with the Congressional Research Service.

”My personal hope is that this is something that the public can really, you know, wrap their arms around and understand,” Aguilar said. “We want to be able to not only do the research, but also tell the story.”

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