'I know I messed up': Bail bondsman Capitol rioter sentenced to 18 months on gun charges
Adam Honeycutt and the 'Senate Sergeant at Arms' chair leg. (Department of Justice)

A Florida bail bondsman facing charges in the Capitol insurrection was sentenced to 18 months in prison Wednesday for separate gun charges.

When FBI agents searched 40-year-old Adam Avery Honeycutt's home in February, they found four handguns, three rifles, 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and marijuana, First Coast News reported.

Honeycutt, who reportedly goes by the nickname "Bundy," was charged under a federal law that prohibits gun ownership by anyone who is "an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance."

During a court appearance on Wednesday, Honeycutt told Senior District Judge Harvey Schlesinger, "I know I messed up. I was wrong," Jacksonville's Channel 4 reports.

"Honeycutt, a former bail bondsman who will now lose his license, faced a minimum of 30 months in prison based on the charges, but Judge Schlesinger chose to reduce the sentence based on positive letters from the community along with the fact that he contracted COVID-19 and was attacked in a county jail during his time in custody," the station reports.

Honeycutt is expected to appear in court in January on misdemeanor charges stemming from the Capitol insurrection.

"Investigators said that multiple confidential sources reported photos and videos that Honeycutt posted on his Facebook page showing him at the Capitol during the riot," Channel 4 reports. "One photo shows a gloved hand holding a broken piece of furniture with a sticker reading 'U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms.' According to court documents, there is also a video recorded outside the Capitol where he said, 'It's about to go down!' Another video recorded inside the Capitol shows him saying, 'Well, made it in,' court documents show."

Honeycutt later downplayed his role in the insurrection, claiming he was "not part of the violence" and was "at the food truck when the sh*t hit the fan."

First Coast News reported that Honeycutt, the owner of Buddy's Bail Bonds in Port Charlotte, had dozens of previous charges against him in Charlotte County.

"The charges are related to driving without a license, failure to stop playing music too loudly, breach of peace or disorderly conduct, battery and failure to restrain a vicious dog resulting in injury," the station reported.