Republicans blasted for lacking 'fully developed' brains after GOP pandemic tantrums
Rep. Chip Roy (screenshot)

Republicans were criticized for a lack of maturity in responding to the coronavirus in a hard-hitting editorial by the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina.

"When he wrote his book The Vanishing American Adult, first published in 2017, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse surely didn't have his colleagues in the U.S. House in mind. But he well could have been describing the participants in a scene we witnessed last week," the newspaper wrote.

The editorial board described the meltdown by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) over masks.

"This kind of tantrum from elected officials should be embarrassing. These are grown men and women. Especially in the face of a changing pandemic that, as we write, is killing about 300 Americans a day, they should be setting an example for the rest of us — not only by enthusiastically encouraging the procedures and practices that we know reduce casualties, but by controlling their childish impulses. Their ugly fits benefit no one," the newspaper noted. "Not wearing a mask around other people is a stupid hill on which to die — especially when you can do so literally."

The newspaper noted that over 90% of the spread of coronavirus in North Carolina is among the unvaccinated.

"Increased caution is not just justified, it's necessary. That shouldn't be hard for a mature adult with a fully developed brain to understand. We may not like it, but not liking it doesn't change it," the editorial board wrote. "The problem is that so many refuse to take personal responsibility. That affects others."

The newspaper argued Republican elected officials were out of step with their voters.

"We know that most rank-and-file conservatives are not as immature as some of their representatives. They support the science and want us to overcome this scourge as quickly as possible," the Winston-Salem Journal wrote. "We encourage them to contact their representatives and tell them to knock off the juvenile behavior. We need leaders of character and maturity to help get us past this crisis."

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