A North Carolina man found a sign denouncing him as a Nazi after he placed a "Black Lives Matter" flag outside his home.

The Arsley man, who asked to remain anonymous in media accounts, said his doorbell camera recorded video of a neighbor placing the sign in his yard Saturday around noon that read, "Seig heil DNC Nazi voter lives here," after the homeowner displayed an "In This House We Believe" flag, reported WCCB-TV.

"Science is real, Black lives matter, no human is illegal, women's rights are human rights, love is love," the man said, "and that's what it says on it."

"Really, we're lost for words," the man added. "When I showed her the video that night, I was like, can you believe this is happening? We both didn't know what to say, we were baffled the rest of the night. My wife is handicapped and Jewish, and she don't even want me to leave the house now."

The man called the police on Sunday, and he said the neighbor approached and lied about what had happened.

"He came out and talked with the cop a little bit, where he came up with this wild excuse of saying that his banner had got tore up and he saw the person who did it, and he thought it was perhaps my house," the man said.

But he said the neighbor's banner remains intact, and he said the other man has his own doorbell camera that would have recorded any evidence of tampering.

"It's a little scary just in that there's somebody living a couple houses down that has this weird view," the man said.

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