Capitol insurrectionist may be jailed after hostility in court
Dan Goodwyn aka "sfthoughtcriminal" during Capitol attack (Photo: FBI indictment)

Accused Capitol rioter Dan Goodwyn apparently had a hard time being respectful while in court this week and now he might end up in jail as a result.

According to NBC News' Scott MacFarlane, who is following the indictments closely, Goodwyn is accused of refusing to meet with any pretrial services. He also refused to wear a mask during meetings and would play "word games" with court employees.

"During the execution of the search warrant, FBI learned that at least one individual in the residence believed they had COVID-19. When FBI asked the defendant if he was positive for COVID-19, the defendant refused to answer the question. The defendant additionally refused to take a COVID-19 test and refused to wear any personal protective equipment," said the court documents.

"When FBI placed a mask on the defendant's face after his arrest, the defendant attempted to chew through the mask and spit the mask out. During the defendant's arrest, FBI used approximately five masks on the defendant. The FBI then drove the defendant to a facility approximately 90 minutes from his residence that was willing to quarantine him. After arriving at the facility, the defendant continued to refuse to comply with mask-wearing and the Court's Standing Order on the wearing of a personal protective equipment in the courthouse," the complaint continued.

Goodwyn, a member of the Proud Boys, was arrested and charged not long after the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The FBI statement of facts explained that while Goodwyn was in the Capitol he was called "sfthoughtcriminal" by Anthime Gionet who is also known as "Baked Alaska.'"

He's captured on video wearing dark glasses and a MAGA hat, complaining about Gionet "doxing him." When an officer directed him out of the building, Goodwyn called him an "oathbreaker" and yelled for other attackers to get the officer's badge number.

See the screen capture below: