MAGA rioter tries to get his confession tossed out of court — it doesn't go well
Screengrab from Just Another Channel

It was just last month that Capitol attacker Danny "DJ" Rodriguez was declaring himself "so stupid" after he was arrested for Tasing D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Mike Fanone until he lost consciousness.

"I'm not smart," he said to the FBI. "I'm so stupid. I'm an as*hole. I'm a piece of sh*t."

He went on to say that he was worried his "mom's going to find out" about what he did.

"Oh, God. I shouldn't be crying," he told police before he was advised of his right to remain silent. "I'm a grown man and I knew what I was doing."

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"I really don't know exactly why I Tased him," Rodriguez said. "I mean, when I Tased him, I really ― you know, like, when you do something, you're like, goddamnit, why did I do that? I just ― I had ― got caught up in the moment and I didn't really think. I didn't think about him and his family and what was going to happen to him."

Now he's fighting to have that confession suppressed, the Huffington Post reported Tuesday. Rodriguez says that he was the victim of "coercive questioning" by the FBI agents, but U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson wasn't buying it, and indicated that she will likely allow the confession to be used in the trial.

HuffPo noted that Rodriguez tried to join the U.S. Army after Donald Trump was elected president.

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