Intel officials resume searching for national security risks in classified docs seized from Mar-a-Lago

Intelligence officials are once again reviewing the classified documents seized by the FBI at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort for national security risks, Politico reports.

The resumed review comes after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the Justice Department after a lower court forced federal prosecutors to seek a pause in the review.

"In a letter to congressional committee leaders last month, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said her office would lead twin reviews of the documents Trump kept at Mar-a-Lago: one centered on the classification levels of the seized documents, and another that examines the national-security fallout if the materials were improperly disclosed," Politico's report stated.

The Justice Department had argued that Judge Aileen Cannon "fundamentally erred in appointing a special master and granting injunctive relief."

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Delaying the review of the classified documents, which it argues are government property, "impedes the government's efforts to protect the Nation's security," the Justice Department said.

"It also irreparably harms the government by enjoining critical steps of an ongoing criminal investigation and needlessly compelling disclosure of highly sensitive records, including to Plaintiff's counsel," the filing added, referring to Trump's lawyers.

Trump is facing mounting legal pressure, with the Justice Department saying top-secret documents were "likely concealed" to obstruct an FBI probe into his potential mishandling of classified materials.

He has denied all wrongdoing, and said the raid on his mansion was "one of the most egregious assaults on democracy in the history of our country," while making it a major talking point at his political rallies.

In addition to the documents probe, Trump faces investigations in New York into his business practices, as well as legal scrutiny over his efforts to overturn results of the 2020 election, and for the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol by his supporters.

With additional reporting by AFP