The US government just officially connected a neo-Nazi Satanist group to terrorism in court
Members of the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis) during a 2010 march to the Phoenix Federal building (John Kittelsrud/Flickr)

It has been two years since a Satan-inspired U.S. Army private tried to have his unit attacked by jihadi militants.

After being found guilty for three terrorism-related federal charges, Rolling Stone wrote that Ethan Melzer was part of the Order of Nine Angles sect based in the UK that holds neo-Nazi ideology and attempts to build a militaristic new social order. Their ultimate goal is to populate the Milky Way Galaxy with Aryan people. Prosecutors at the Justice Department argued that the Order should be considered to be a terrorist group like Al Qaeda.

Melzer is among the biggest fears of military and law enforcement leaders. He was an "insider threat" with the hope of acting against Americans. Questions have surfaced over the past several years about such threats from anti-government militia members and far-right extremists. The Jan. 6 attack on Congress alerted law enforcement to many police officers and military members who were willing to participate in an attempt to overthrow the government.

"The former soldier’s conviction is the first time American authorities have articulated and prosecuted actions driven by a Satanist sect that has inspired millenarian neo-Nazi domestic terrorists and led to several homicides overseas," said Rolling Stone. "British law enforcement is so alarmed by the noxious ideology that the Home Office is under pressure to formally ban the Order of Nine Angles as they have done to Al Qaeda, National Action, and other terrorist groups. The importance of Melzer’s case was signaled by the dozens of federal law-enforcement officers in plainclothes present in court last Friday to watch the disgraced G.I. plead guilty."

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The Justice Department hopes that they can use the case to establish that the Order of Nine Angles is an extremist group linked to terrorism. In March, Republicans blocked a bill aimed to fully fund offices that focus specifically on domestic terrorism at the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the FBI.

"In both the presentation of Assistant U.S Attorney Matthew Hellman on June 24 and the expert testimony a month prior of Dr. Pete Simi, an academic specializing in right-wing extremism, a formal record was made not only of Melzer’s ties to the ideology, but specifics of its origins, influence on the contemporary far-right at large, practices and goals, and how the former soldier’s actions comported with the Satanist cult’s 'social Darwinist' principles, as Dr. Simi testified on May 24th."

Melzer's participation dates back to 2017 and the case put a heavy emphasis on his involvement with the group. Thus, the case officially connected the Order of Nine Angles to terrorism in the American court system "on par with the jihadis Melzer hoped would kill his fellow soldiers.