Rick Wilson gives hilariously profane preview of 'bloody, brutal, gut-spilling fight' between DeSantis and Trump
President Donald Trump walks from the west wing of the White House to Marine One in 2017. (Shutterstock.com)

Rick Wilson analyzed the threat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis poses to Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race in a hilariously profane rant on Twitter.

The former Republican strategist pointed out that whispers out of the governor's camp, including spokeswoman and registered foreign lobbyist Christina Pushaw, have gotten louder about a presidential run for DeSantis, regardless of whether Trump intends to run, and Wilson examined those signals for clues.

"You'll notice 'sources close to DeSantis' (Pushaw, cough cough. Cox, cough cough) are becoming bolder in their framing of the 2024 race," Wilson tweeted. "They're confident that've got the mojo to raise both the large $ corporate money (the do) and the small-dollar grassroots $."

Even more importantly, Wilson said, Rupert Murdoch and his sons have apparently given the governor their backing and the enthusiastic support of their conservative media empire.

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"They've gotten so much love from the Fox world (and yes, Donald, the decision is made...they're just going to ignore you and give Ron sloppy blowjobs 24/7), from the gentry GOP media (National Review's 39th 'Ron is God' article is coming any time now)," Wilson wrote, "and from the DC consultant class ('Ron, you're the future. You're the cure. You're inevitable. You're the tallest, handsomest, smartest man in the room. Your farts smell like rainbows and flowers spring from your footprints.') that he feels inevitable."

His momentum is building from his authoritarian rollup of Florida's government, and Wilson noted with alarm how easily his attacks on personal liberties and free speech have worked.

"The planning for the 2023 Florida legislative session next spring is already building," Wilson wrote. "It's not about Florida; it's the DeSantis vs Trump 2024 primary platform. Expect a parade of deliberate provocations to feed the MAGA boob-bait machine and a number of increasingly obvious abrogations of legislative, judicial, and regulatory power into the hands of DeSantis. All of these will be falsely labeled as 'conservative' but will in fact be expansions of state power in the hands of one man."

"All the 'small government' and 'individual liberty' 'conservatives' (note sarcasm quotes) will cheer these decisions as the Second Coming," he added. "All the trolly fun that feeds the hamster wheel of MAGA fundraising is worth the radical expansion of the state, right, libertarians?"

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However, he said, all that momentum means nothing when it comes to Trump's grip on his right-wing base, comparing his early chances to the path Jeb Bush faced to the White House in 2016.

"Oh, he'll hate that analogy, but it's correct," Wilson wrote. "All the alignments are there: Big $ support, mainstream GOP, NRO class, consultant class, money, conservative record...and then Trump happened. I don't want either in the White House, but I do want a bloody, brutal, gut-spilling fight between them. And we're going to get it. More later."