CNN obliterates Republican lie that Black Lives Matter 'stormed' Iowa's state capitol

On Tuesday, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale published a lengthy debunking of a lie circulating on right-wing social media pages that Black Lives Matter activists "stormed" the Iowa State Capitol, in the same way that pro-Trump insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol.

"A group of right-wing websites and social media personalities, some with hundreds of thousands of followers, claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters 'stormed' Iowa's state Capitol last week," wrote Dale. "Some of them explicitly claimed that the protesters had forced their way into the building," and, he noted, David Harris Jr. wrote this event was "exactly" like the "Stop the Steal" riot.

However, these two things were not remotely alike.

"Protesters had a permit for both outside and inside the building," wrote Dale. "As a Facebook livestream video from one of the protesters showed, and as Iowa journalists on the scene noted later, the protesters walked in one by one through a security checkpoint. Protest co-organizer Angelina Ramirez told CNN that, prior to their entry, she and a colleague 'asked Capitol security and Iowa State Patrol how they would prefer us to funnel into the security line, hence the single-file line.'"

One young protester at the Iowa Capitol was arrested — but only for pushing a police officer's arm "in an attempt to get [his] attention."

"By the late afternoon, Iowa journalists from Iowa Public Radio, the Des Moines Register and the Ames Tribune had all debunked the claim that the Capitol had been stormed," wrote Dale. "Protest co-organizer Harold Walehwa told CNN he was 'frustrated and not surprised' when he saw the false 'storming' claims go viral."

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