‘A really bad week’: Morning Joe breaks down Trump’s escalating legal and political troubles
Donald Trump (AFP)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough broke down the legal and political challenges that fell on Donald Trump this week.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the release of his White House documents to House investigators, while investigations in Georgia and New York both heated up, and the "Morning Joe" host was stunned by the turn of events.

"I'm sure somebody out there has had a worse week than Donald Trump, but when you look back and you see the New York attorney general, Ron DeSantis insulting him and the Supreme Court of the United States just slapping him down 8-1 -- he would say his Supreme Court completely just rejecting his claim and all of this information which is, it is bad as it gets."

"All of his henchmen are going to lie, but the documents don't lie," he added. "Now Georgia -- I mean this is a really, really bad week."

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