Maggie Haberman reveals whether she thinks Trump is a racist after decades of covering him
Trump gestures as he addresses a press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel. (

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace welcomed New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman to talk about her new book "Confidence Man," which was released on Tuesday.

The conversation began with some talk about how Donald Trump has managed to bring down the values and morals of the Republican Party

"Roy Moore might survive in this political climate,” Wallace said, in reference to the GOP's continued backing of candidate Herschel Walker amid allegations of familial abuse.

She went on to say that all of that moral downfall of the GOP started with Donald Trump and the Republican acceptance of the "Access Hollywood" tape where their candidate essentially bragged about getting away with committing sexual assault.

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"It’s the lowering of the bar and the erosion of the bar," said Haberman, noting that Trump is well aware that he lowered the bar and is proud of it.

Trump “wants to show that nothing matters," she explained. "To show there are no red lines anymore always makes him happy."

Wallace then asked about Trump's racism and based on Haberman's decades of research if she thought that Trump was racist.

"I think he says and does racist things over a very long period of time. I don't know how else you would define it," confessed Haberman. "Somebody incorporating racial paranoia into his public persona since the 1980s, the Central Park case, teenagers were charged inside that case and they were all teenagers of color, and he called for bringing back the death penalty and he still won't apologize even though... there is proof now that their confessions were coerced by officials. So, you go from there through the White House. You know, he repeatedly says racist things and then says he was taken out of context. But at a certain point, I am not sure how much benefit of the doubt people are supposed to give him."

See the interview clip below and you can read more about Haberman's book here.

Is Trump a racist? Haberman tells all

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