Gay GOP group called out for hiring 'influencer' who wishes 'we were a homophobic society'
Isabella Riley Moody (Twitter/Screenshot)

The Log Cabin Republicans were called out on Monday following an announcement they had hired a virulently anti-gay "influencer" as an ambassador for the leading conservative gay group.

In a scorching column for the conservative Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo questioned the hiring and wondered if they were aware of Isabella Riley Moody's hateful history and comments which are in plain view online.

Noting the announcement was made last Wednesday, Polumbo wrote, "Something very strange is going on with the Log Cabin Republicans. The group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Republicans has long advocated tolerance and inclusion within the GOP. But it’s now teaming up with a self-described "homophobic" troll."

To make his case he cited a tweet from Right Wing Watch, where Moody launched into a rant, exclaiming: "Our society literally puts f****ts on a pedestal and worships them like they’re god,” Moody said in a recent video commentary. “It’s such BS to say we are a homophobic society. I wish we were a homophobic society — and that’s the goddamn truth.”

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According to the columnist, "That’s right: The new ambassador for gay Republicans is a straight woman who unabashedly calls gay people “f******” and says she wishes we lived in a more homophobic society. To say the very least, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense."

As for Moody, she boasted about her hire with an enthusiastic tweet that announced, "This is literally SO GAY! Happy to be a the token straight homophobic b*tch ambassador for @GetOutspokenUSA ! "

Polumbo added, "If you’re confused, rest assured that everyone else is, too. I reached out to both Moody and Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran requesting clarification and did not receive a response."

"The only conceivable explanation I can come up with is that they’re doing this for attention. Frankly, the influence of Log Cabin Republicans on GOP politics has waned significantly in recent years. But the modest level of attention this stunt will have brought to its influencer program is surely not worth the destruction of whatever credibility Log Cabin had left."