'It could end up bad': Pastor behind Patriot Church movement warns of violence if Trump is not made president again
Pastor Ken Peters. (NBC News screencap)

In an interview with Vice's David Gilbert, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based preacher who is one of the leaders of the Patriot Church movement warned that followers of the more militant version of Christianity are losing patience because Donald Trump has not been reinstalled in the Oval Office.

In the interview Pastor Ken Peters said followers don't want to resort to violence, but will if that is what needs to happen to reclaim the White House.

As Gilbert explains, the "Patriot Church" movement is based upon the legend of the "Black-Robed Regiment" -- a group of preachers who "arose and led their congregations into the battle for freedom" during the Revolutionary War.

As the journalist explains, the existence of the group has been disputed with Gilbert writing, "claims made by those who ascribe to the Black-Robed Regiment today have been widely debunked, and even the name itself is a misquotation."

Nonetheless, Peters believes the country needs to turn back to the Bible and should be a Christian country and -- in Donald Trump -- he sees the man who could set in motion the great revival.

"Fictitious or not, Peters and a growing number of pastors like him are now using the myth of the Black-Robed Regiment as a rallying cry, spreading the lie about stolen elections to inflame and incite their congregations to be prepared for a coming civil war, a battle of good versus evil where they fight back against what they see as the tyranny of the left," Gilbert wrote.

"If the truth is suppressed and covered up, then that ultimately will lead to violence," Peters said in an interview. "It could end up bad, you know, a lot of things end up rough and violent. We hope it doesn't, but we can't be so afraid of a violent outcome that we allow the left to cheat their way to destroying this country."

"I don't want a civil war, but we've got to stand up for what we believe in," the fifth-generation pastor confessed.

According to the pastor, people like himself with pulpits are the only way that Americans can hear the truth because the media does nothing but spew lies.

"If we don't speak, then the other side, the left, controls the narrative. I mean, they are the mainstream media: They own Facebook, they own Twitter, they own so many things, and they control the narrative. And if the preachers don't speak, my goodness, that's all we got," he remarked before adding that Trump has shown the way to reach the public and that, in many ways, he is the inspiration for the Patriot Church movement.

"I think Trump exposed some of the silent culture war that was going on. When he came into the presidency, I think he exposed what was happening underneath. And so I think President Trump was a part of me establishing this movement called Patriot Church," he confessed

Peters, it should be noted, heads "The Church At Planned Parenthood," whose website proclaims, "...a worship service at the gates of Hell. The Church at Planned Parenthood is a gathering of Christians for the worship of God and the corporate prayer for repentance for this nation, repentance for the apathetic church and repentance of our blood guiltiness in this abortion holocaust," and holds services outside of Planned Parenthood facilities.