’She took that West Wing office!’: Ivanka Trump blasted for trying to 'blow off' Jan. 6 probe
Ivanka Trump (AFP)

Ivanka Trump isn't just the former president's daughter.

She's also a former White House senior adviser, and as such, she has a responsibility to provide information to the House Select Committee investigating that Capitol insurrection, according to CNN legal analyst Elie Honig.

"As for Ivanka Trump, it's hard to think of a more central witness," Honig said Saturday, reacting to the committee's letter this week requesting her cooperation. "She was by the president's side before the coup attempt — specifically, she was there for the attempts to pressure (former vice president) Mike Pence."

He added that Ivanka Trump was also there "during those crucial hours," while rioters were storming the Capitol.

"She was the one people were coming to and saying, 'Please, try to talk some sense into your father.' It didn't work," Honig said, adding that she was also involved in subsequent efforts "to cover it up and tidy it up."

"But there's this bizarre assumption around Ivanka Trump that she's sort of above it all," Honig added. "Why should she not have to testify? I mean, she's not being asked for information because she was the president's daughter. She's being asked for information because she was a senior adviser. She took that job. She took that West Wing office. And her spokesperson's response (to the committee's letter) was very sort of blow-off-ish — 'she doesn't feel like testifying.' Too bad! You take that job, you have a responsibility to come forward. And I think it's fair for the committee to ask, 'Why not? Why is she not willing to do this?'"

Watch below.

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