Ivanka facing threat from her father if she doesn't defend his Jan 6th actions: Mary Trump
Ivanka Trump - CBS screenshot

During an interview on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump's niece said her uncle has put his daughter in an impossible position now that she has been asked to testify before the Jan 6th House committee.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Mary Trump suggested Ivanka Trump has intimate knowledge of what was happening at the White House on the day of the insurrection and likely fears what would happen to her if she told the truth.

"I think what's probably happening with my cousins and Donald is they're trying to make the calculation of what is in their best interests," Mary Trump began. "Donald isn't playing the card that she's his child to protect her. He's doing that to protect himself because he knows she may, indeed, have potentially damning information."

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"She's making the same calculation; what will help her in the long run because she must understand that, as a government employee, as somebody who is at least involved by association, someone who was there that day and wasn't taking any direct action to stop what was going on, at least not publicly, she knows she has to come down on the right side of things or she'll continue to stay her father's ally and have to see how that plays out," she added. "She's in a very bad situation because she must understand that, if Donald feels it's necessary, he will stop protecting her."

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