Jan. 6 committee reveals new target for interviews: 'Not lawmakers right now — Ivanka Trump'
Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump has been called before the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection.

House investigators already have "firsthand testimony" that Donald Trump's eldest daughter asked her father to intervene as he watched the U.S. Capitol riot on television, and committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) sent a letter Thursday asking Ivanka Trump to appear before the panel on Feb. 3 or 4, or possibly the following week.

“You will anticipate the committee inviting some people to come talk to us,” Thompson said. "Not lawmakers right now — Ivanka Trump.”

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Witnesses have told the select committee that Ivanka Trump, White House staffers, Republican lawmakers and conservative media figures all asked Trump to call off his supporters from attacking the Capitol, but he refused to do so for nearly three hours -- when he made a short video posted on Twitter that repeated some of his election lies and expressed support for the rioters.

The committee hopes to ask Ivanka Trump about her father's pressure campaign against former vice president Mike Pence ahead of the congressional certification of Joe Biden's election win and concerns about it among White House officials, as well as her actions on Jan. 6 and efforts to push her father's election lies.

The former president's daughter was also notified of the documents and other recorded evidence sought by the committee.