Ivanka knew her father was plotting against Pence after sitting in on Oval Office meetings: Trump biographer
Ivanka Trump (Photo via Mustafa Abumenes for AFP)

Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt on Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump biographer Tim O' Brien suggested that Ivanka Trump knew before Jan 6th that things would take a turn for the worse after sitting in on Oval Office meetings and listening to her father and senior advisers make plans to make Mike Pence the villain if he refused to help steal the election.

Asked by host Witt if the president's daughter had a "bad feeling" about the "Stop the Steal" rally that eventually led to the insurrection, he said "absolutely."

"Do you get a sense from her testimony that Ivanka had a bad feeling about January 6th, even before the rally at the ellipse?" Witt prompted.

"Absolutely," he began. "We know from other accounts of what she did that day that she honored the fact that Mike Pence was resisting Donald Trump's pressure to decertify the electoral results on January 6th at the Capitol. And then she obviously was in the Oval Office with several other campaign advisers, including lawyers, who heard him swearing at Mike Pence, who heard him grow increasingly angry at Mike Pence, because Mike Pence wouldn't do what Donald Trump wanted him to do, which was to break the law."

"What is significant is what we have learned in the hearings thus far, is that Donald Trump at that point knew it was illegal," he elaborated. "[Attorney John] Eastman had told him it was illegal. They had also, there are other people in the White House who said that the plan was 'nutty.' It was crazy. So it was not only lacking in visibility, it was illegal and yet he continues to pressure Mike Pence, to break the law and he did so in front of a number of witnesses including his daughter."

Watch below:

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