'Quit taking horse pills!' CNN reporter exasperated by conservatives' latest miracle COVID treatment
A horse in its stall in New York [AFP]

From hydroxychloroquine to ivermectin, right-wing media figures have pushed a wide range of unproven treatments for the novel coronavirus.

CNN correspondent Tom Foreman reported on Monday that many Americans have taken right-wing media figures' promotion of ivermectin to heart and have been buying up medicine intended to treat horse parasites that also happens to contain the drug.

"It is medicine for horses, medicine for cows but the Mississippi Poison Control Center has been pelted with calls from people taking ivermectin in an attempt to dodge COVID," he said. "70 percent obtained the drug from animal suppliers. Two people have been hospitalized."

Officials who spoke with Foreman emphasized that most of the cases of people being poisoned after taking ivermectin haven't been too serious, although they emphasized that taking drugs intended for 1,000-pound animals was always a risky endeavor.

"Ivermectin has been tested for covid, but not enough, not thoroughly enough to prove if it works or not," explained an exasperated Foreman, who then recommended that Americans instead get vaccinated against the virus.

"Quit taking the horse pills and get your shot!" he said.

Watch the video below.

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