Newsmax host asks fired Fox reporter if she just killed her career: ‘It wasn't the bombshell report that was alleged’

A local Fox 26 host in Houston, Texas named Ivory Hecker attracted national attention earlier this week when she announced on air that the right-wing activist group Project Veritas was about to expose how her network had "muzzled" her — a stunt for which she was swiftly fired.

But the actual report revealed that the network had stopped her from promoting unsubstantiated claims about hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, an anti-malarial drug backed by an infamous doctor who believes people are being sickened by sex with demons.

Even the conservative network Newsmax, after inviting her on, appeared to be doubtful about Hecker's exposé.

"Some of the media feel like it was somewhat of a letdown that it wasn't the bombshell report that it was alleged," said the anchor. "Do you agree to that? How do you respond to that? Because essentially, correct me if I'm wrong, for you to get back into news, any other news organizations, that may be a tough road for you."

"I don't want to work for another news corporation," said Hecker. "After what I experienced with Fox. It's really put a bad taste in my mouth."

The conservative website Hot Air also shrugged off Hecker's allegations, writing that "the realities underlying her charges didn't seem to live up to the initial billing."

Watch below:

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