Jan. 6 rioter explains protesters' fury at Capitol cops: 'They should have been on our side'
Former Rocky Mount Police Officer Jacob Fracker and Sgt. T.J. Robertson. (Screenshot)

A former Virginia police officer testified against another former cop charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Jacob Fracker, who pleaded guilty last month to a felony in his own case, told a jury during the trial of Thomas Robertson that he believed the police officers fighting back the mob of Donald Trump supporters should have been on their side instead of protecting the U.S. Capitol and the lawmakers inside, reported NBC News.

“As a cop, I felt like they should have been on our side, like marching with us and doing stuff instead of trying to hold us back," Fracker testified, explaining why he didn't offer assistance to the on-duty police.

Fracker told jurors that he had a something like a father-son relationship with Robertson, who is 17 years older and gave him $30,000 after they were fired as police officers, and he said they watched out for one another during the riot and both brought gas masks, while Robertson was armed with a stick.

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The former officer testified that he believed the 2020 election had been stolen from Trump, although he admitted to not understanding how the electoral process worked but had hoped the presence of so many protesters would convince Congress to overturn the former president's loss.

“I felt like we had maybe been heard by whoever it was we needed to be heard by,” Fracker said, "[and] maybe, possibly, have the election results overturned.”

Fracker said the rioters all wanted the same thing, even if they had no specific verbal agreement.

“We all understood that we had the same goal," Fracker said. "It didn’t have to be said out loud."

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