'This one is important': New evidence reveals Oath Keepers' anxious planning of Jan. 6 MAGA riot
Selfie of James Breheny, (DOJ court documents)

Federal charges have been unveiled against a member of the Proud Boys and a member of the Oath Keepers, adding to the dozens of defendants of those two extremists groups who are being tried for their role in the assault on the Capitol.

Daniel Lyons Scott, a member of the Proud Boys, is charged with assault on a federal officer, obstruction, and physical violence on restricted grounds, in addition to other charges, according to the government.

James Breheny, the 61-year-old coordinator of the Bergen County, NJ chapter of the Oath Keepers, is charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct, obstruction of an official proceeding, and corruptly destroying or concealing evidence, according to the government.

While a press release from the US Justice Department identifies him as a resident of Bradenton, Fla., The Daily Herald in Everett, Wash. reported at the time of the insurrection that Scott was a Snohomish County resident who had been active with the Proud Boys chapter there and was formerly employed by Boeing.

Scott can be seen in video filmed by California Proud Boy Eddie Block marching towards the Capitol with a large group of Proud Boys. Scott can be seen wearing a puffy green jacket over a ballistic vest with goggles propped atop a bill cap in the video, as Block addresses him as "Milkshake."

Scott can be heard shouting in a video published by the Herald: "Let's take the f*cking take the Capitol!"

Another Proud Boy, who is unidentified can be heard scolding him in video published by the newspaper, saying, "Let's not f*cking yell that, okay?"

"It was Milkshake, man," says Ethan Nordean, a Proud Boy from Washington State who has been charged, along with three other members, with conspiracy in the Capitol assault. The government alleges that following the Jan. 4 arrest of national Chairman Enrique Tarrio, Nordean "was nominated from within to have 'war powers' and to take ultimate leadership of the Proud Boys activities on January 6, 2021."

The Justice Department press release cited publicly available footage as showing Scott on the lower east terrace of the Capitol where a large crowd was yelling at US Capitol Police. "Scott can be seen pushing two USCP officers backward, up the steps," the government said. "He appears to be one of the first, or perhaps the first, person to initiate contact with law enforcement at this location."

Meanwhile, the government says that Breheny participated in a group chat on Signal called "DC Op: Jan 6 21." The government said messages from the chat referenced Breheny "coming in with a team from NJ, and who also has contacts with several militia leaders coming in." Other members of the chat, including Thomas Caldwell, Jessica Watkins, Donovan Crowl, Sandra Parker, Bennie Parker, Laura Steele, Kelly Meggs, Connie Meggs and Kenneth Harrelson, have already been indicted for conspiracy.

The government said publicly available video shows Breheny in close proximity to clashes between Trump supporters and law enforcement officers that caused the East doors to be breached. Another video shows Breheny going inside the Capitol and walking around the rotunda, according to the government.

Breheny invited Oath Keepers leader Stuart Rhodes to a leadership meeting of "multiple patriot groups" from the Mid-Atlantic states that was supposed to take place in Quarryville, Pa. on Jan. 3, according to an affidavit filed by the government in support of the charges. The government said Breheny forwarded Rhodes a message that said, "This will be the day we get our comms on point with multiple other patriot groups, share rally points etc. This one is important and I believe this is our last chance to organize before the show. This meeting will be for leaders only."

The government alleges that on Jan. 6 Rhodes added Breheny to the "DC Op: Jan 6 21" group chat, and gave him the alias "Seamus."