Father brags he breached Capitol so his son could defecate on Pelosi's desk
James Douglas Rahm at the US Capitol. (DOJ Photos)

Three men accused of storming the US Capitol on Jan. 6 appeared before a DC magistrate judge via videoconference on Wednesday.

One of the defendants, James Douglas Rahm III, traveled with his father, James Douglas Rahm Jr., who has already been indicted, to attend the Jan. 6 "Save America" rally, and they breached the Capitol together, according to government filings.

James Rahm Jr. posted a selfie on Facebook with the title "Pepper Spray" on Jan. 6, according to a government filing. Asked by another Facebook user if he was present at the storming of the Capitol, Rahm reportedly responded, "Yes, do not believe the media. There were no anarchist no antifa just patriots trying to take the country back. Yes, I was there. The pepper spray is just wearing off."

The filings show that James Rahm Jr. and his friends were obsessed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

An affidavit filed in support of the charges against James Douglas Rahm III, known as "JD," indicates that a different individual told James Rahm Jr.: "Go find Pelosi and rip her f*cking head off." The same person later wrote: "I want that whore dead."

In a text message to another recipient, James Rahm Jr. reportedly wrote, "We breached the Capitol. Jay-Z could sh*t on Pelosi's desk. In the affidavit supporting charges against JD Rahm III, an FBI agent surmises that "Jay-Z" was a voice-enabled typing error for "JD." The government has not presented any evidence that the father and son actually urinated or defecated in Pelosi's office.

According to government filings, JD Rahm III was away on a skiing trip when the FBI executed a search warrant on his parents' house in Atlantic City, NJ on Feb. 5. But later, he met with agents and provided them with video that he took on his cellphone and GoPro camera on. According to the government, the footage "shows the group JD Rahm III was in overpowering US Capitol Hill Police officers, to force the US Capitol doors open from the inside. JD Rahm III is among the individuals at the front of this crowd."

About two minutes after the doors were forced open, according to the government, JD Rahm III's footage captures his father entering the US Capitol.

The filing also references a Snapchat video posted by JD Rahm III in which he can be heard saying, "Holy sh*t, holy sh*t. Oh my f*cking God, we just stormed the Capitol. Holy f*ck." Then, the video captures the sound of screams.

JD Rahm III is charged with obstruction of justice/Congress and violent entry and disorderly conduct, among other offenses.

Rahm's lawyer told the court on Wednesday that his client is a DJ and is starting a power-washing company, adding that he travels between Philadelphia and southern New Jersey for business. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather agreed to modify Rahm's conditions of release to allow him to travel between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The government did not seek pre-trial detention in Rahm's case, or two other defendants who also appeared before Meriweather today.

Joseph Elliott Zlab was arrested in Everett, Wash. on May 13, while Kerry Wayne Persick was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas on May 17.