Proud Boy's name turns up in search warrant for James O'Keefe
Conservative James O'Keefe during an interview on Fox Business (Screenshot)

The Department of Justice raided the apartment of provocateur James O'Keefe to investigate his possible ties to the right-wing Proud Boys.

FBI agents executed a search warrant Nov. 6 at O'Keefe's home as part of a yearlong investigation of his Project Veritas group's purchase of a diary that purportedly belonged to President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley, and that journal's publication on a right-wing website, reported The Daily Beast.

"As part of the raid, according to the warrant, FBI agents were looking for communications with a self-described 'third degree' Proud Boy named Jackson Voynick," the website reported. "Voynick is listed in the document as one of several persons whose communications could reveal information about 'potential co-conspirators.'"

Voynick, who has reportedly been associated with O'Keefe and Project Veritas for years, has described himself on Twitter as a "third degree Proud Boy" and got a tattoo marking himself as a ranking member, although it's not clear from the search warrant whether he was involved in the Biden diary story.

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"The search warrant also authorizes FBI agents to seize communications with O’Keefe associates like Project Veritas’s office manager, as well as Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander, two figures reportedly tied to the diary’s alleged theft and sale," The Daily Beast reported. "A lawyer for Harris told The New York Times Harris is cooperating with the investigation but has 'no culpability,' while Kurlander didn’t comment."

Voynick was listed in the search warrant as someone whose communications might reveal details about how Project Veritas obtained the diary, which the FBI described as stolen property, or how it ended up online.