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Former GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman, who worked as a senior staff member for the House Select Committee Investigating the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol, suggested that the bombshell testimony at Tuesday's public hearing was just the beginning.

"TRUMP SOUGHT TO JOIN JAN. 6 MOB," was the headline online by The New York Times. "Enraged, He Lunged for Limo Wheel, Aide Says."

"Trump wanted armed mob to march to Capitol, sought to join, aide says," was The Washington Post headline.

Riggleman was interviewed about the hearing by MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.

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"I want to be very careful in how I say this, Nicolle. I said Mark Meadows was the MVP of the committee of the investigation. Today, I think we see Mark Meadows is the Rosetta Stone of the investigation. He was sort of the pivot man for everything happening between these groups and up to the president," he said.

"When you hear an individual on the couch sending text messages -- I have the unique insight into being the first to see some of those text messages after we identified them -- so when I saw that at the beginning, the committee saw the same thing and they automatically knew that what they saw on the text messages -- there was a story here they could break apart," he explained. "We have to know this too, Nicolle, and I'm being very careful, there are 1,000 text messages that we know that we hadn't seen, that he said that were privileged."

Riggleman said, "...I don't think the American public has seen anything yet."

"Oh, wow," Wallace interjected.

"I actually believe that Cassidy Hutchinson was the bridge to the following -- and I will be very careful here -- a bridge to the operational planning and the data the committee still has in his back pocket," he continued. "So again, Mark Meadows is the MVP player for the committee. I think it is the Rosetta Stone. He was in the middle of it all and I think it puts his legal team in a tremendously challenging position."

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