Daniel Hodges
Photo: Screen capture

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Metro Police Officer Daniel Hodges has been among those sitting in the audience at the public hearings for the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attacks. Hodges is most well-known for the footage of him bleeding from the mouth and the doors being used to smash his body on that fateful day.

After the sixth hearing, one official from the committee went over to him to talk about their gratitude toward the officers for their efforts that day. He told the officer that he was just glad that what he did gave members the time necessary to get to safety.

Speaking to CNN after the hearing, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said that she watched the faces of the officers as they learned that the White House was well aware that the whole ordeal would be violent.

“They’re not here to hurt me," Hutchinson recalled Trump saying.

Officer Hodges told Raw Story that he doesn't have any insider knowledge, and each time he hears the witnesses, it is new information for him.

"Most of what I hear is shocking to me," he told reporters outside the committee hearing room on Tuesday. "I mean, hearing that he essentially set us up, yeah, that's shocking."

He went on to say that he hopes the public understands that the witnesses are professional political people who are all Republicans.

"They're all about the truth," Hodges continued. "They can't help the fact that the truth is hurtful to or critical of one party."

He cited Trump's comment that the crowd wasn't there to hurt him, "implying that they were there to hurt someone and he knows who and then he said, yeah, they can march on the Capitol. So, he set us up."

Hodges went on to say that "the only person Trump cares about is himself. So, I know that he doesn't really care about officers' safety or the safety of Congress as long as he gets what he wants."

With additional reporting from Matt Laslo.