Ron Johnson blasted in Wisconsin after being first senator named in Jan. 6 hearings
Gage Skidmore.

The office of GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was implicated in Donald Trump's phony electors scheme during Tuesday's public hearing of the House Select Committee Investigating the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson wanted to hand then-Vice President Mike Pence official-looking documents falsely affirming former President Donald Trump won in Wisconsin and Michigan as Pence prepared to confirm Joe Biden's win in January 2021, according to text messages revealed at a U.S. House hearing Tuesday," the Wisconsin State Journalreported. "The Wisconsin document, signed by 10 Republicans who convened in the state Capitol on Dec. 14, 2020, was filled out on the same day the Democratic slate of Wisconsin electors met in the same building to deliver the state's 10 electoral votes to Biden. The meeting of Republicans occurred after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Biden had won the election."

Leigh Ann Caldwell of The Washington Post reported it was the first time the actions of a senator have been highlighted by the select committee.

"The evidence presented Tuesday once again showed that Wisconsin — one of seven states Biden won where groups of Republicans gathered as false presidential electors — was at the center of efforts to overturn the election," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. "A text message from state GOP executive director Mark Jefferson also presented Tuesday indicated Trump's campaign team wanted the elector paperwork flown to Washington D.C."

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Johnson received harsh criticism in Wisconsin.

"Ron Johnson actively tried to undermine this democracy. He literally tried to hand Mike Pence a slate of fake electors. Ron Johnson is a danger to democracy," said Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who is challenging Johnson in the 2022 midterms.

He called on Johnson to resign.

"Trump and his MAGA allies planned, promoted, & paid for a seditious conspiracy to overturn an election they lost. And Ron Johnson attempted to deliver it to DC on a silver platter" wrote Democrat Alex Lasry, who is also challenging Johnson.

He called Johnson "a seditious traitor and danger to our democracy."

Tom Nelson, who is also running, said, "Ron Johnson is a traitor. He must resign."

"Voters won't forget this," he wrote.


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