Trump World prepping for 'worst-case scenarios' as investigations expand on multiple fronts: legal expert
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber reported on Thursday that Donald Trump's political and legal operations are preparing for "worst-case scenarios" as investigations expand.

"We are tracking news in the insurrection probe with further fallout and cracks after that blockbuster testimony against Trump has really ricocheted around the nation. The testimony linked Trump to the violence of that coup attempt, turbocharging Trumpworld anxieties as they prep for even worst-case scenarios," Melber reported.

"And there are more and more dominos falling on the right pause because of the power of this factual evidence. Take the Republican prosecutor we have cited before, Andrew McCarthy. He's a Fox News favorite who wrote a whole book defending Trump in the Mueller probe and accusing others of pushing the real collusion, which is one reason he is on Fox quite a bit and has a huge conservative legal following," he explained.

"He says, when you look at the evidence, as a criminal-legal matter, it is devastating against Trump and that the new evidence in that hearing makes a big difference. He is saying this in public and this week he is now emphasizing that really as far as he is concerned, for the first time, there is now direct evidence showing Trump committed crimes, and backed violence," Melber said.

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Melber said it did not look like any of the investigations were winding down.

"So take it all together and what do you see coming in view? This is not the sign of some random kind of Washington process that is just winding down. The committee is not acting like that, the witnesses aren't acting like that, the Justice Department is not acting like that as it seizes phones and raids homes," Melber said.

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Ari Melber