Watch: J6 filmmaker is ready to tell Georgia prosecutors what he knows about Trump World
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On Thursday, MSNBC's Chris Hayes revealed that filmmaker Alex Holder is cooperating with both prosecutors in Georgia, and with the January 6 Committee — and invited him onto his program to discuss what he knows about the events leading up to that day, and how he is trying to assist the investigation.

Holder, a British documentarian who got close to the Trump family with his filming, is known to have been asked a number of things by the Committee, including about first daughter Ivanka Trump's conflicting statements.

"Alex, can you explain to me how the committee made contact with, you or you made contact with the committee in terms of them learning about the existence of this footage, which seems like a very late-breaking revelation, given that it's existed for a long time?" asked Hayes.

"I probably have 1000 different theories on how they became aware of it," said Holder. "We were very visible throughout the process, some of the people on the Trump side seemed to believe they didn't know about the project. We certainly did know about the project. I don't know how they possibly could've not known. At one point my cameraman was on the stage with Ivanka, I think CNN actually called us to say who is this random guy on the stage during the campaign, he's interrupting our shot."

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"We were there, we are very visible, and on January 6th as well during that day we were also filming throughout that tragic event," continued Holder. "So, I imagine there were a lot of different ways we can be found out. They reached, out and we cooperated as they requested." He went on to say that "We actually have over 100 hours of footage, which includes all the campaign rallies, the behind the scenes, and some of the very day that we got throughout the campaign, as well as after the campaign as well during the Stop the Steal rallies, after the Stop the Steal rallies had finished."

A recent report indicated that Holder now needs a pair of armed guards to protect him from angry Trump supporters.

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Chris Hayes interviews Alex Holder