'This is a really big deal': Reporter warns Jan. 6 committee might have enough to 'incriminate' Trump and his sons
Donald Trump, Jr with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Eric Trump (Facebook)

Speaking to MSNBC on Saturday, Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell warned that the coming weeks of the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol seems to incriminate the White House.

He explained that over the past several weeks, more and more information had been submitted that will implicate former President Donald Trump and his staff.

The new year will bring open hearings to air live on television so Americans can understand the extent of the coordination between rally organizers, Republican officials in Congress and Trump campaign allies staged at the Willard Hotel.

"The Select Committee is unlikely, I think, to issue an interim report in the next few weeks and months, but what they are going to do is hold a series of televised public hearings where they want to show the American public what the committee has learned in its closed-door evidence gathering process to date," said Lowell.

He went on to say that the committee has interviewed about 300 people and has obtained over 30,000 documents that include emails, text messages, and other bits of information to implicate those involved.

"Including, of course, Trump's former White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who turned over a series of really damning messages that seemed to incriminate the White House and Trump, and Trump's sons, and Fox News hosts, and Republican members of Congress, so this is a really big deal," Lowell continued. "And this is going to feature large in how the committee moves forward. They're still going to be doing investigations and evidence gathering on the side, but I think they're going to really ramp up the pace and try and share with the American people what they've learned to date."

See the full interview in the video below:

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