Jan. 6 committee must warn Americans the GOP could attack again: Ex-Republican
House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress announced that due to the hurricane in Florida they're putting a hold on Wednesday's hearing. They haven't named when they intend to do the replacement hearing or if there will be an others after that.

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) said that the most important piece of the Jan. 6 probe is conveying to the American people that it can happen and it might happen again if nothing is done.

Stephanie Ruhle, filling in for Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday, played a clip of Roger Stone's documentary in which he shouts "No, we won. F*ck you. You're wrong! F*ck you!" which she said is essentially what Trump himself tried to do to the American people.

"It's a tactic in close elections to declare victory, but the context of Stone saying that is most disconcerting," said Jolly. "This is someone who pushed the election denying strategy and was expecting if not encouraging violence. What ultimately was the currency of the Jan. 6th attempt to undermine the election, violence, this is the actor that Roger Stone is. I think that's why he's a target of the Jan. 6th committee's investigation and the Department of Justice as well."

He noted that the interesting thing about their conversation is that therein lies the challenge for the Jan. 6 committee.

"The scope is so broad and because the malfeasance went so far and in so many different corners, what is the final message that the American people need to get out of this investigation?" Jolly asked. "Is it to focus singularly on the actor to have Donald Trump as the person that convened this strategy and was willing to affirm violence and when he saw it, then asked for a weaker security posture? Is that a message? Or is it within the infrastructure, there's a network of people willing to do this again? That's a message that has to get delivered very soon. Because 13 weeks from now, the odds are there is no Jan. 6th committee. It's completely shut down and we're also as we mentioned in a holiday season and so forth. What is the message the committee needs the American people to know so they can make a decision about the future? We're at the point. We need that message."

Ruhle read the latest Monmouth University poll that shows just 29 percent of Republicans believe that Joe Biden wasn't legally elected to the White House. That's a hefty shift from Jan. 2021 and Ruhle wondered if it was thanks to the work of the Jan. 6 committee.

"I think the January 6th committee has been exceedingly effective at saying Donald Trump is uniquely responsible for the violence we saw on Jan. 6th. Donald Trump gave aid and comfort to the election-denying narrative and it is because of his leadership that we see six in ten people believing that," said Jolly. "They delivered a searing indictment of Donald Trump and we didn't know how they were going to handle that singular issue, but we do now. He has broken down the traditional orthodoxy of the GOP and rebuilt it in his own image. So now election denying is part of what the Republican Party is. I think the focus is a corollary to Donald Trump's personal responsibility, but it's a broader question for whether or not the country can trust the GOP in this moment and the people to deliver that question and answer it are, is the viable democratic party alternative to the Republicans. One that's going to defend democracy and rights in America going forward. One will trample on it and trample on your rights. That's a political question. But the committee can issue the indictment of how we got here."

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