Jared Kushner trying to assure partners that Trump won't interfere with newly launched private equity firm
Jared Kushner (Nicholas Kamm : AFP)

Jared Kushner wants other financiers to know that he plans to remain with his private equity firm whether or not his father-in-law returns to the White House.

Donald Trump's son-in-law and former senior White House adviser has been telling limited partners at Affinity Capital about the contacts he made while serving in government, particularly in the Middle East, reported Axios.

"Jared's intention is for this to be his long-term opportunity and, other than the book he has coming out, he's spending most of his time on it," the source said. "He can't live his life just waiting on what [Trump] may or may not do .... People wouldn't have joined the firm if they thought Jared is going to leave in a couple years."

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However, those efforts could be complicated if Donald Trump is re-elected because some of those limited partners are said the be sovereign wealth funds, and because technology companies are generally hostile to the twice-impeached one-time president.

The Miami-based private equity firm, which is reportedly looking for office space in Israel, has a little more than $3 billion in verbal commitments for its debut fund, and its first deal is expected to come by the end of March.