Desperate anti-Biden business owner tells Fox News: 'I'm willing to compromise and give you a living wage'
Fox News/screen grab

An irate business owner conceded to Fox News that he is finally "willing to compromise" and pay a living wage because he can't find workers to hire.

During a Labor Day interview on Fox & Friends, Jason Kramer, owner of the Doo-Wop Drive-In, expressed anger at the government's temporary unemployment payments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The issue is the money that was given out was for help, not to stay home and do nothing," Kramer ranted. "I couldn't even get people to walk in the door to even explain I'm willing to compromise and give you a living wage, give you a working wage, not just minimum wage."

"It is strictly about capitalism," he continued. "I took the risk. I put my life on the line. I worked hard. But I was even willing to share my wealth, the minimum that we were making with the employees. But I couldn't get people even in the door! How is that even possible?"

"You are the voice of every single business owner, every landlord," Fox News host Lawrence Jones said. "You are speaking for the people of America."

"I am channeling them through me," Kramer insisted. "This administration is so bad. It's not middle-class friendly and will never be. We're on the road to socialism! No middle class! That's the issue!"

"I hope the president of the United States is watching," Jones added.

"Every time Trump was in office, they were on TV every single day!" Kramer exclaimed. "I haven't heard one thing from these people, not one thing! Where are them [sic] for us? Where are they now on the podium speaking for me?"

Watch the video below from Fox News.