'Get your guns!' Furious anti-vaxxer bellows violent threats against door-to-door volunteers

A notorious anti-vaccine gadfly called for gun violence against volunteers canvassing Los Angeles-area homes to encourage the life-saving inoculations.

Jason Lefkowitz, who has been making Nazi salutes and wearing a Star of David as he harasses customers and employees over coronavirus prevention measures, barked threats into a microphone during a protest, in a video clip posted by Resist Programming.

"When people come to your door, get the men and kick their ass," Lefkowitz bellowed. "They're not here to -- 'Can spread the wonderful word of [Dr. Anthony] Fauci?' F*ck you! No! No, get off my property. Get out of America, you're not welcome here."

The assembled crowd laughed and cheered as he stalked back and forth gripping the microphone.

"We need to fight back," Lefkowitz said. "Get your guns -- get them, learn how to use them."

He continued, saying that he was only a comedian and lacked the training to fight back against the government -- but he encouraged others to take action.

"I have no idea what to do, no idea," Lefkowitz told the crowd. "But someone here does, so they need to step up, too."

He said he was able to organize large-scale protests or spontaneous disruptions at local businesses, but he wants someone else to start shooting.

"I don't know how to shoot a rifle," Lefkowitz said, pointing his fingers like a pistol. "This is serious. They're coming hard and they're coming fast."