An "America First" Republican congressional candidate in Florida reportedly is a convicted felon who failed to get his civil rights restored — which is a requirement to hold public office.

Jason Mariner won Tuesday's primary in Florida's 20th Congressional District, which is heavily Democratic, Florida Politics reports, citing interviews and records showing that the new GOP nominee has not gone through Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' new clemency process for ex-felons.

"It wasn't immediately clear whether the election's outcome would be challenged," the site reports. "Mariner had served roughly two years total in the Palm Beach County Jail over 2007 and 2012 on charges that included felony theft, burglary, cocaine possession, obstruction and violently resisting arrest, records show. He was open during his campaign about his criminal background, telling voters, 'Before running for Congress, I ran from the law.' He also promised he will be tough on crime."

In an interview, Mariner acknowledged he didn't go through the required clemency process, but said he's confident it's "not going to be an issue."

"As I am not an attorney or official in state government, it is not really my place to answer your legal or procedural questions about Florida law, applicable scenarios, etc., or advise you legally," Mariner told Florida Politics in an email.

It's possible Mariner could retroactively apply to restore his rights, although it's unlikely he'll win the Jan. 11 general election given that Democrats have held the seat for more than two decades, according to Florida Politics.

"DeSantis' press secretary, Christina Pushaw, said Thursday that, in response to questions from a reporter, lawyers in the Governor's Office were trying quickly to determine whether the state's rules requiring restoration of civil rights would apply to a Florida candidate for federal office," the site reports.

Mariner pleaded guilty after buying crack cocaine at a home in Delray Beach in 2012, before trying to swallow it when he was pulled over for speeding moments later. In 2011, he stole four brass urns from a cemetery and sold them for $30 worth of scrap metal. And in 2014, he allegedly attacked another driver and damaged a vehicle during a road rage incident. Mariner's driver's license was suspended until August, just before he began his campaign, due to recent speeding and careless driving citations.

Mariner's Facebook page includes photos that appear to show former president Donald Trump holding up his son.

Trump-loving Florida congressional candidate is a convicted felon who's not eligible to hold office