Republican JD Vance gets profanely chewed out for joking about tragic Alec Baldwin shooting accident
Republican candidate JD Vance. (Gage Skidmore.)

Republican Ohio Senate hopeful J.D. Vance on Friday cracked a joke about a tragic film set accident in which actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a crew member with a prop gun.

Writing on Twitter just hours after news of the accident broke, Vance implored Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to "let Trump back on" because "we need Alec Baldwin tweets."

The tweet drew significant criticism, including from prospective Democratic opponent Tim Ryan, who simply replied, "Someone died, you assh*le."

Ryan wasn't the only big name in the political world to take a shot at Vance, as former GOP strategist Rick Wilson dubbed him the "Overlord of Douchebag Mountain" for the tweet, while Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) simply wrote, "Good God, what's wrong with you?"

For the last several months, Vance has been locked in battle with Republican rival Josh Mandel in which both have seemingly competed to write the most outrageous statements on Twitter.

Mandel on Thursday significantly upped the ante when he channeled militia rhetoric and urged his followers to "keep the freezer stocked and firearms at the ready," while also writing of Democrats that "we will outlast these monsters and we will thrive for generations to come after God brings them down."

Mandel then encouraged his followers to invest in Bitcoin.