Ohio Republicans scramble to stop Trump from officially endorsing JD Vance
Gage Skidmore.

Venture capitalist J.D. had his record on Donald Trump thrown in his face on Thursday after NBC News reported the candidate was close to receiving the former president's support.

"Republican rivals to J.D. Vance have embarked on a last-ditch effort to stave off an endorsement from Donald Trump in Ohio’s Senate primary, a response prompted by swirling speculation that the former president is close to backing Vance in the contentious race," Politico reported Thursday.

The letter the rivals sent to Trump said "JD Vance was actively working against your candidacy" and said Vance had referred to Trump supporters as "racists."

The group used bullet points to its allegations against Vance, including one where he reportedly said Trump's policy ideas "range from immoral to absurd."

"I hope that [Trump] is soundly defeated," the group claimed Vance said.

Letter from Ohio Republicans on Vance's candidacy.Screengrab.

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