Fox host Jeanine Pirro was jealous that Trump kept talking to Sean Hannity over her: report
Fox News host Jeanine Pirro (Screenshot)

It was reported Sunday that former White House staffers to Donald Trump were annoyed with the former president using Fox hosts to guide his political strategy. That same report also revealed that Fox hosts grew jealous of each other because of how frequently they'd speak to Donald Trump.

Earlier on, short-lived chief of staff John Kelly told staffers to monitor Fox shows like Lou Dobbs to better anticipate what Trump would say and how to respond to him.

"When Kelly could not watch the prime-time Fox shows himself, he would ask other staffers to monitor them, and he would scour the White House call logs for the names of Fox News personalities," said the Washington Post report. Jeanine "Pirro, several Trump aides said, often grew irate if the former president did not appear on her show frequently enough in her view, especially if he had been on Hannity’s show several times prior."

The Fox shows were critical to Trump that staffers tried to get booked to get face time with the president.

It was revealed in 2020 that Fox host Sean Hannity would call the Republican Party and other Trump allies to explain how bad the campaign was going and that it was headed in the wrong direction. He was ultimately referred to as a kind of adviser to the Trump campaign, said the New York Times.

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